Canyoning in the Raganello stream

The “Raganello stream” cuts through the massif rocks of the Oriental part of Pollino creating a 12 km long and about 400 meters deep canyon. Water falls, crystal water tubs, natural slipways, follow the riverbed, which during the summer season is explored on foot. This aquatic trekking is one of the most amusing activities that can be practiced in the mountain. To make it a unique, unforgettable, and above all safe experience, our guides supply all the necessary equipment, such as, indispensable approved protective helmets


Higher Canyon 

The wildest part of the canyon. Starting from San Lorenzo Bellizzi, close to the "Stairs of Barile", at the base of Timpa of Cassano and Timpa of San Lorenzo that seems to be colliding with one another as they are so near. The route of the stream overcomes the water falls, tunnel in the rock, slipways and toboggan. During the journey it is possible to admire the stones on which the fossils of most ancient shellfish are well visible. Returning by the same way, but with a different prospective of going, in fact it looks as if one did not pass the same way. Meeting in Cerchiara di Calabria or San Lorenzo Bellizzi to start together.
Duration: 3 h. 1/2
Difficulty: easy-medium 

Lower Canyon

This trek gives you the real idea of “Canyon” or “gola”. Here the walls of the rocks show their prominence, arriving at some points less than 3 meters of distance between them, developing in vertical more than 400 meters of height. The itinerary starts from Civita, an ancient arbresch village, in correspondence to the “devil’s bridge”, of a mysterious legendary construction. At the entrance of canyon the passage is under the “devil’s shower sprays”, and proceeding the ascent, one must across swimming against the water current. Nevertheless, nothing to fear… our guides will be there with you, always ready to help you. In this tract of “gola”, it is possible to observe the typical karstic, phenomena of the chalky grottoes, and graphic layering processes that gave the origin to the Alps and Appenini. Reaching at another water falls, to submerge and try out beneficial effects of hydro massages; returning by the same way, even here it will look as if one had never passed that way.
Duration: 2 h. 1/12
Difficulty: easy-medium 

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: wetsuit and helmet are provided by our staff. You just need canyoning or trekking shoes or trainers and swimsuit.

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Every tour presents a variable difficulty of selected itinerary and requires physical efforts besides the technical capacity. Prior to undertaking any activity it is necessary to inform about the risks connected and evaluate if one is really able to face it. Our Guides will give you every necessary indication before and during the excursion, every participant is invited to observe the given indications. The children must be accompanied by their parents or other persons authorised by them